How to Find Rare Japanese Pokemon Cards

Most people are fully aware of the very popular Japanese TV program Pokemon. Pokemon originally emerged as a card game which is played by many folks all around the globe. Its structure is very similar to that of other fantasy card games such as Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh and Duel Masters. It has grown very popular over the past decade. Rare Japanese Pokemon cards are often worth a fortune and are a collector’s main attraction and objective.

Pokemon competitions and tournaments are played in many different countries. Winners of the tournaments often walk away with rare Pokemon trophy cards, or even sums of cash. Collecting Pokemon cards can be really worthwhile depending on the aims of the collector.

Some people really enjoy the game of Pokemon and would thus collect cards differently to that of someone who merely wants to sell their cards at a profit later on.

Someone who competes in tournaments would gather cards depending on their preference and their ability to win in a game. A collector needs to know which cards are the rarest and thus will be worth more in the future. The oldest and rarest Pokemon cards originate from Japan. It is extremely hard to find rare Japanese cards as they are now worth small fortunes…

The Pikachu Illustrator which is the rarest card in the world and used to sell for around $6000 or so. If you were fortunate enough to find one today, it would probably cost around $25,000-$30,000. Promo and trophy cards are the most valuable cards in the range.

Although, it is not easy to get hold of cards like these. If you are just beginning to collect Pokemon cards, but you have any rare cards, it would be an excellent idea to keep them for a few years and watch their value go up. Their value is sure to increase over time.